Saying NO to Euthanasia

Saying NO to Euthanasia

Risky Law NZ is a collective of concerned citizens that were against the legalisation of Euthanasia in
New Zealand in the 2020 Elections. They wanted to shift public opinion away from voting YES to voting
NO. Acquire was engaged to create an online campaign that shifted public sentiment.

Objective Shift public opinion away from YES to NO. Pre-referendum polling showed that the YES vote
had a 74% majority over the NO vote.

Insight Voters can be broken into 3 blocs; the firmly Yes, the firmly No and Swing Voters. Swing Voters
were identified as being the group that we could most easily influence without being wasteful with
media spend.

Strategy To maximise media spend, Acquire needed to identify those New Zealanders who are most
likely to change their mind on the Euthanasia issue. A Rich Media Quiz Banner was used to identify
people who were a firm YES, firm NO and Swing Voters. Based upon the answers that were provided
to 3 different questions, a user was identified as not being firmly in the YES or NO camp. Once Swing
Voters were identified, audience modelling was used to create look-a-like audiences of Swing Voters
who would then receive the Display, YouTube and Facebook Videos.


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November 23, 2021

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