Maori Party

Digital advertising helps win electoral seats

The Māori Party (Te Pāti Māori) is a political party in New Zealand advocating indigenous rights and
centre-left policies.

The party won four Māori seats in the 2005 election and went into Opposition. After the 2008, 2011 and
2014 elections, the party won five, three and two Māori seats respectively. The Māori Party failed to win
seats in the 2017 election.

Objective Generate enough votes in the 2020 election, to win a seat in parliament for the next term.

Insight There were 4 key Electorates that had a high number of votes in the 2017 election and had the
best opportunity for the party to win a seat:

  • Te Tai Hauāuru (40% of votes in 2017)
  • Waikariki (46% of votes in 2017)
  • Ikaroa-Rāwhiti (36% of votes in 2017)
  • Tāmaki Makaura (29% of votes in 2017)

Strategy A Geo-targeted strategy to shift on-the-fence voters, no voters and retain existing voters
by providing relevance of core political topics that were important to New Zealand Māori. Utilise key
channels for cut through during awareness with multiple messaging across Video, Audio, drive content
and relevancy through Native, Display, and Conversions through Social & Search strategies with an
additional Video layer focus for alignment and evoke emotional engagement.

Utilise Google Trends around core search terms relevant to political positioning for Māori Party like jobs,
climate change, freshwater, housing and wage subsidy. Understand positive and negative sentiments
and utilise tech platforms to listen in on conversations and influence audiences.


Posted on

November 23, 2021

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