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The Blues used improved geo-targeting technology to increase performance

2019 was the second year the Blues used programmatic online advertising to reach fans and people wanting the experience of a live event to drive ticket sales for home games at Eden Park. There were learnings from the previous year including spending more on NZ derby games and less on offshore opposition games. There were also new advance targeting tools available.

Objectives Continue to improve reach, engagement and ticket sale conversions.

Insight There was no point creating awareness too far out for games. 7 days was optimal but it was the last 3 days prior to the match that 90% of ticket sales were made. In 2018 programmatic returned a good result and helped contribute to an overall increase in ticket sales. However the 2019 season allowed Acquire to significantly improve based on past learnings and optimisations. By the end of the 2019 season the number of transactions had increased by 19% compared to last year using the same budget. This increase also saw revenue climb significantly by 34% year on year, allowing for a better return on investment. The Blues’s return on ad spend increased by 32% as a result. Additionally, the average revenue per transaction had also increased which meant that now more sales were being generated at a higher average return.


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November 19, 2021

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