WTF is Programmatic DOOH?

March 12, 2020

Programmatic DOOH (digital out of home) advertising is on its way to New Zealand and Acquire is ready to hit the ground running.

Firstly what is Programmatic DOOH? – It might sound like something Homer would say, but pDOOH is anything but simple and understanding how it fits into the DOOH world can be complicated.

While pDOOH shares many aspects of traditional programmatic advertising, there are some key differences; the biggest being audience data and measurement of reach.

This video from Broadsign’s Adam Green is a good starting point, with simple answers to some complicated questions about pDOOH. Check it out at here.

With digital now accounting for more than 64% of New Zealand OOH revenue, media suppliers need to be constantly looking for new ways to improve the way agencies and advertisers get access and trade on this inventory.

We’ve been busy testing the pros and cons of pDOOH buying in Australia and if overseas trends are anything to go by, this exciting new technology is going to have a major effect on our digital advertising market.

Over the next few months, we’ll see collaboration between DOOH players, SSP’s and trading desks to set new rules and standards to ensure consistency across the new way to buy pDOOH in NZ.

The IAB AU has also released a DOOH glossary of terms that will be useful in navigating the new buying ecosystem.