What to ask when choosing a DSP – aka Candy!

February 27, 2020

The Trade Desk is taking a light-hearted approach to explaining programmatic advertising in terms that are easier for people to understand while touting the advantages of its platform. This clever video the they created explains programmatic reach using trick-or-treaters…Watch here.

The campaign, which is part of The Trade Desk’s Media For Humankind effort highlighting the open internet for digital ads, comes as popular social and search platforms continue to increase their share of the U.S. digital advertising market. Google, Facebook and Amazon are forecast to have a combined market share of 69% this year, according to researcher eMarketer, leaving the remaining 31% to other digital media outlets.

The Trade Desk’s campaign comes a few weeks after Google announced that it would end support for a key online audience tracking technology in the next couple of years.  The ad is similar in concept to what Ad Age put out in 2014 called ‘Explain It Like I’m Eight: Programmatic’…Watch here.

The wall gardens are what they are but the real questions marketers need to ask themselves when they are choosing a DSP aka candy:

  • Does the DSP offer any unique ad targeting capabilities?
  • Does the DSP have any exclusive inventory sources?
  • What if the candy outside the gated community is crap? Can you get a refund?

Zane Furtado, Programmatic Director, Acquire