Warwick Wood to lead Enterprise Business Development at Acquire

July 13, 2022

Acquire is thrilled to welcome Warwick Wood as the new General Manager of Enterprise Business Development. Warwick has dedicated over 20 years to selling analytics tools, ICT infrastructure and cloud solutions. His success at companies such as Vocus and Oracle came from a passion for technology solutions and a great work ethos. Clients see him as a trusted and knowledgeable advisor, always considering their best interests and keeping in touch long after the sale.

That customer-focused, tech-driven approach aligns perfectly with Acquire’s values, making him the ideal choice to lead the Enterprise Business Development team. Warwick and his team are responsible for strategic planning, sales management and prospecting. His network of established relationships with C-level executives across New Zealand has already set him up for success.

Warwick has led teams before and was drawn to this role by the potential of Acquire’s Aladdin AI. Developed in-house, this revolutionary machine learning tool optimises digital purchasing across multiple channels, for deeper insights and enhanced privacy. The result: companies can reach the right customer in the right place, at the right time with the right message. Warwick’s already got his head around the benefits, and he is excited to start offering this game-changing tech to new and established clients.

Acquire knows that with Warwick at the helm of the business development team, it can transform the world of digital marketing for the better. To congratulate Warwick and talk to him about all things Aladdin, get in touch.