What’s a UTM and why should you use them when distributing your content online

May 30, 2018

UTMs let you see precisely which campaigns are getting the results you want!They answer important questions about which campaigns drive leads and sales, to track marketing performance.

UTM is short for ‘Urchin Tracking Module’, a simple text string that you can attach to a URL to track the source, medium, campaign name, term and content.

Utilising Google Analytics, you can use UTMs to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media.

So why aren’t all Marketers using them?

Some marketers are not aware of the benefits and value that UTM’s can add to their online media buys.

Knowing how to interpret the data to maximise insights can also be tricky.

Google analytics has created a free UTM builder tool where you can just add in your information and it will automatically generate a url. For those marketers that run multiple activities, this spread sheet UTM generator helps you create multiple urls. To discover more about to how to set-up the various components of UTM codes and their benefits read the Effin Amazing blog.