To Boost Engaged Reach, Context Matters

June 18, 2018

With the growth in digital advertising, context is increasingly relevant. Brand-safety and the need to optimise advertising impact are strong drivers.

Research shows that ads should be placed in an environment that the consumer values and pays attention to and, better still, with which they make an emotional or cognitive connection. The challenge is to keep the user’s attention without disrupting their online experience.

Ads are not viewed in isolation. The media space in which the Ad occurs influences consumers’ perceptions of, and responses to, your brand. The Media platform device, time and location, all affect consumers’ perceptions and responses to your ad messages.

How it Works

Contextual targeting offers marketers the opportunity to deliver catered ads of interest to their customers. It takes into account the category or keywords of a web page a customer is viewing and serves them relevant ads. It is personalised to the viewers interests, thus enhancing consumer engagement.

Engage the Consumer

Other issues to consider when it comes to context are the need to optimise advertising impact, fight advertising avoidance and forestall ad blocking. Poor consumer experiences thanks to clickbait and irrelevant content have made some consumers resistant. One way to right this is with alternative branded-content formats like Native Advertising. In this way the ad align and blend with content and be less disruptive.
Programmatic allows publishers and advertisers to serve relevant content in real time for an effective consumer experience that encourages engagement. It does so via:

• Page-level context.
• Keywords and URLs.
• Scalable content.

In turn, consumer engagement allows for an emotional response leading to less ad blocking, greater recall and stronger purchase intention. The result is higher CTRs and a stronger ROI.

Ignoring context is risky. Though there is no one-size-fits-all, context offers real opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of advertising messages. Talk to us about our brand safety and content targeting options.