The Power of Digital Audio

June 4, 2018

If you’re not including digital audio as part of your marketing strategy, you should be. Smart marketers are taking note, as the shift from traditional radio to digital opens a world of possibility. Programmatic audio and the rise of streaming services have optimised marketing opportunities based on device and listener data. The percentage of digital audio bought or sold programmatically is expected to double just a year from now, including major global brands who understand where consumers are spending their time and money.


Streaming giants, Spotify and iHeartRadio, both part of Acquire Online’s offering, boast over 100 million active users each. There are over 460,000 ad supported New Zealand users on Spotify alone.

Navigating this evolving digital audio world may seem daunting. That’s what Acquire Online is here for – to help you reach a highly engaged audience across mobile, desktop and connected devices. Programmatic operational efficiency, data flow and automated buying and selling takes targeted streaming and data analysis out of your hands. We do the hard work, supplying you with data which allows you to make real-time decisions for audio optimisation. The highly personal nature of digital audio platforms allows brand targeting to the finest detail, from basic demographics to the consumer’s mood and even what they cook for supper.

The ability to use data to best advantage is a key driver of programmatic adoption, whether it be via sponsorship, audio, video or display. From sponsored playlists to homepage takeovers or even a custom solution, programmatic audio puts your brand centre stage.

With users streaming from morning to night, leveraging radio advertising and making informed choices about digital audio buying, makes an effective medium even more powerful. Programmatic also allows marketers to integrate audio into cross-channel campaigns, lifting brand awareness, with as much as four times as many conversions.

The infrastructure for success is already in place. Let Acquire Online help you take advantage of this well-placed opportunity for brands and marketers. Don’t let your brand get left behind.