The latest Google and YouTube trends

April 21, 2021

The Google Year In Search 2020 data for New Zealand and Australia showed these trends in peoples’ choice of on-line buying, and on-line experiences.

1. A huge growth in people shopping on-line. The first 10 months of 2020 saw online shopping spend in NZ grow more than 25%.
2. More people value mental & physical “well-being” and feeling connected. In a more isolated world people are increasingly seeking ways to connect with each other, in live streams, and sporting events.
3. Social distancing has amplified the desire to support local communities, and local product.
4. People are choosing brands which are more helpful and meet their realistic needs.
5. People are discovering new kinds of downtime. For Aussies and Kiwis that means enjoying a good laugh.
6. People are strengthening their economic prospects by boosting their skills, financial knowledge, and starting on-the-side businesses.

What to take on board for your 2021 business and brand strategy?
Understand the personal experience of consumers and what they want / feel / expect whilst searching for a solution. Then implement automation tools to deliver personalised messages – ones that show you are a good fit.