Tap into Acquire’s TikTok service

April 15, 2021

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a destination for creating and discovering fun, catchy, short-form mobile videos. Some say its social media on steroids, because it its rise since it began in 2016 has been extraordinary. It was the most downloaded app in 2020 and claimed over 100 million US users and 1 billion worldwide.  There are already 1.3 million active users in NZ.

Could the TikTok Phenomenon benefit your Brand?

• For those who are trying to target Gen-Z, TikTok promises a great return on investment (ROI). If it’s an audience fit with your brand, and it ticks the boxes of best strategy we will guide you easily into the TikTok “minimum effort, maximum result” territory.
• The level of engagement is soaring. It has the highest average session duration compared with other social media such as Facebook, and Instagram. On average users open TikTok 17 times/ day and spend 85 minutes a day. That is 15 minutes more than Netflix!
• “Striking a platform while it’s hot, matters way more to when it exists in a decade,” says Gary Vaynerchuk. (Chairman of Vaynerx, and CEO of Vayner Media.)

The awesome brand power of UGC (User Generated Content)

The ability to co-create branded content with your audience at scale is exciting and invaluable.  It means you can start trends, hashtag challenges, and be at the forefront of cultural conversations.

“With creativity and strategy, we are ready with everything you need to successfully Brand Play your way into the TikTok market. Including experienced programmatic buyers who proactively monitor deal delivery, flag campaign issues and suggest and execute optimisations.”  said Acquire Anthony Ord.