Programmatic get brands in on the game

June 28, 2018

With the Fifa World Cup expected to reach 3.2 billion people by its end, marketers are licking their lips. Traditionally, exorbitantly priced sponsorships have been the only way to get in on the advertising action at global events. With the rise of programmatic, the playing field has been leveled.
At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, six of the 12 brands that achieved high social traction were non-sponsors. Leveraging programmatic advertising at sporting events allows marketers to reach engaged audiences at scale in real-time.

With our own Bledisloe cup just around the corner and sport being a national pastime in NZ, there are lessons to be learned from the World Cup.

With viewers increasingly using a second screen to keep up with the action, brands can connect with a passionate fan base across multiple channels. For instance, those watching TV coverage may use mobile devices to follow live commentary, or comment on the action via social media.

Mobile matters
According to Google, more than a quarter of sports fans are now streaming sports to their mobile devices. Programmatic offers an unprecedented opportunity for mobile advertisers to engage with customers and create social currency around the game. Food delivery apps, shopping apps, party supply apps, and navigation apps have particular appeal.
And it’s not just the game that matters. Audiences look for related content around the game, from player stats and video replays to ball skills.

Digital video in particular, is the perfect medium to reach viewers, with cross-platform ad campaigns delivering maximum impact.

To maintain relevance, campaigns must be dynamic and responsive in real time. By focusing on strategic planning, creative content and data-backed strategies for mobile, any brand can win big at sporting events.
Geotargeting for maximum impact
Device location, to reach a location-based audience using Geofencing and stadium foot traffic is key for sporting events. Device or platform targeting, time targeting, location targeting and in-app targeting are all effective sport marketing tools.
In this way advertisers can accurately target premium audiences at the right time with dynamic, relevant messaging.

Acquire Online has a number of geotargeting options, including geofencing stadiums and maximising on viewership both before and after a game. Talk to us about how you can make the most of capturing this sport targeting opportunities.

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