Finding the perfect campaign balance

June 18, 2020

The perfect amount of strategy, mixed with perfect timing, and a dash of perfect creative. How do you know if your advertising campaign is reaching your audience correctly?

Measuring if your adverts are truly connecting with your consumer at a subconscious level has always been near impossible, which is a major concern because this is where most consumer decision-making takes place. BUT we are finally getting better insights into these important metrics.

In a 2019 New Zealand-based study, more than 100 participants of varying demographics were shown a range of newspaper and TV campaigns. Using sensors fitted onto lycra caps, the technology shows how different parts of the brain ‘light up’, depending on how the information is being processed.

The study measured the ability of advertising communications to cut through – to get into long-term memory as well as the intensity of emotion that people felt and their level of attention when they were exposed to advertising content.

The results showed that participants were far more likely to store the detail of advertising messages in their long term memory if the advertising was on premium sites than during general free browsing.

This information is consistent with another study – Neuro-Insight’s 2019 report, which shows that the editorial context, platform, device, and even physical environment in which can impact advertising effectiveness.