Changes To Google Ads Search Modifiers – Are They Good News?

April 28, 2021

Now Search keywords may be even more effective at helping your customers find your Ads.
The changes mean it’s time to review keywords to use or exclude.
Since February 2021, ‘phrase match’ and ‘broad match modified’ are coming together as one. We are keeping an eye on these changes as it rolls out, with completion expected in July.

Historically, phrase match keywords were used to cover off common search phrases and only served if all the words the user’s search were in the exact order. Broad match modified keywords allowed for a broader search reach. Now that they are one – a wider variety of searches will be covered.‘As the new Google automation rolls out its important to manually monitor keyword performance and the user search terms that trigger ads.’

Acquire are monitoring, and running tests, to follow its impact on our clients’ ad campaigns. Google Ads provides “search term reports” which are also available on our clients’ dashboards via the Acquire Portal. This allows our clients to monitor the keywords triggering their ads at any time.