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Keeping up with ever-evolving technology, privacy laws and customer expectations makes digital advertising a constant challenge – and that’s before you factor in shrinking budgets and the pressure to deliver outstanding results.

Acquire can take the pressure off – let’s break it down.

A single-minded focus on results

Digital advertising has been our bread and butter since day one. That experience lets us give you true visibility and understanding of your digital investment, uses your data to improve your ROI and drives tangible results for your business. Best of all, we deliver it in a clear, comprehensible package so you can see exactly how digital advertising is working for your business.

Stay ahead of the digital game

We won’t sugar-coat it – AdTech moves quickly. Our people are the best of the best and they thrive on exploring new and emerging technologies, so you don’t have to. It’s our insatiable appetite for digital that will keep you ahead of the technology curve.

Learn, adapt, apply

Getting in early with new technology can give you a crucial advantage in a competitive market. Our expertise means we can spot promising new tech from a mile away – and assess and trial it before we go live. Over the past 10 years, we’ve introduced over 30 new technologies to the New Zealand market, from a multi-platform provider to our proprietary smart-buying algorithm, Aladdin.

A decade of proven experience

We understand that when it comes to spending your precious ad budget, experience counts. After years of hard work and digital leadership, we know our stuff.

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