The Snap Wave – Snapchat launches its new self-serve ad platform

August 30, 2017

Snapchat needs advertisers to build and buy campaigns with confidence. Recently announcing its self-served ad platform, Snapchat aims to enter the ad tech industry looking at exploiting the mass ad spend trickling from TV to digital. Promoting vertical video content and placement between stories. It is a great way to reach the youth audience who form the core user base on Snapchat.

Creative guidelines and support:

Just like Snaps, Snap Ads offer a variety of creative freedom to communicate your message. They can take the form of video—whether it be motion graphic, live, cinema-graph, or gif style—and stills.


Along with the multitude of ad placements that Snapchat offers, the platform also offers us with the following call to actions to choose from:



Snapchat with the current offering is expected to create a wave of opportunities for advertisers within the social advertising realm. Adding to the array of already existing ad tech, Snapchat will play a vital role in reaching out to New Zealand teenagers who form the majority of local users.

Ads that appear between stories are much more prominent and ensures more attention of users. The "more information" feature allows users to opt into further content related to the brand or product being advertised.

We believe that Snapchat will change the way gif and video creatives are served to audiences via social and native media. Snapchat can easily be added into your social and native advertising mix as their specs are very similar to Facebook’s Newsfeeds, Outbrain’s Sponsored Stories and Taboola’s Feeds.

Do let us know your thoughts and comments below on how Snapchat could add value to your brand’s social advertising mix…