How to use Marketing Automation to Drives Sales

August 24, 2017

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is simply, software that promotes an offering through multiple online channels, such as SEO, email, search, social media & paid advertising on websites. The purpose is really to automate repetitive tasks, increase efficacy and optimize towards a specific objective, such as online sales, lead generation, product education or some sort of brand engagement.

Originally, the focus was on SEO and email marketing but now with merging of adtech & martech… automation refers to a much broader range of automation and analytic tools….such as Hubspot (inbound), Realytics (TVC analytics), Taboola & Outbrain (native ad platform) Media Math & Rocket Fuel (programmatic DMP and DSP) and Doubleclick Campaign Manager (for advertising attribution).

Why Marketing Automation?

There is always increasing pressure to create more conversions with less budget and increase ROI. Marketing automations helps Marketers and their Agencies to connect with consumers at key moments of influence to increase sales or lift awareness.

It’s about getting your Data Management Platform (DMP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP) to work with your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) and Marketing platforms to deliver a robust integrated marketing solution. Every platform should learn from each moment of a customer interaction to deliver and optimise media spend to engage, upsell and retarget consumers across addressable programmatic channels including display, video, mobile and social—simultaneously.

What are the advantages?

Programmatic marketing opens up a series of opportunities, which would not be possible if ad placement was done manually as it has been done in the past, including:

  • procure digital media without having to pre-negotiate a price,
  • pay only for the relevant impression that they actually received,
  • buy digital media across publishers & devices (omnichannel),
  • optimize quickly towards performance goals
  • targeting each individual accessing a web site, reduces wastage
  • customer data identifies what, where & when a message will resonate with each individual.

Talk to Acquire Online today about how we can get your Marketing Automation effort optimizing across all many paid media channels……email, social, search, display, online video, broadcast television (with Realytics) native and online audio.