Ever Wondered What The Most Expensive Google Adwords Keywords in 2017 Are?

July 7, 2017

Ever wondered what the most expensive keyword in Adwords advertising was? Or what the most searched keyword term was on Google Adwords? This article gives you a bit of an insight into the keyword game on Google.

A comprehensive analysis of keyword data reveals that groups of keywords under the following sets are the most searched on Google Adwords. These include business services, bail bonds, gambling/casino, lawyer and asset management.

The keywords that were most expensive 6 years ago are totally different to today. The data sheds light on the ever-changing digital landscape and the way that Google Adwords is evolving.

One of the key questions that you should be asking now is: how do these keywords get so expensive?

Adwords keyword costs rise due to number a of reasons:

1. Services that people require in Immediacy or Urgency

When people are faced with problems, they look for an immediate solution. This gives the advertisers an advantage of charging more for their services or products, helping them achieve a better ROI, although they might result in a higher CPC.

2. Products or Commodities that are high-end

High-end products and services are willing to pay a higher CPC as a single prospect could result in higher gains. This means they bid high on certain keywords that are likely to earn them prospects and subsequently a conversion.

3. Education, Essentials and Addictions

Some service offerings are so essential to the users that there is a flood of market suppliers for them. This means that to stay on top of the competition and gain maximum market share, it is essential for advertisers to bid higher, which increases the CPC of these particular set of keywords.

Knowing these keywords is only half the battle. Email us to discuss targeting options for your online campaigns.

*This analysis is done using keyword data for five different currencies in English speaking countries

Image source: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2017/06/27/most-expensive-keywords