Predictive Targeting analyses real-time content to drive greater campaign scale and engagement.

November 13, 2017


Grapeshot Predict is a live audience targeting solution that predicts intent – what, when and where your audience is going to search, read, and watch, up to 72 hours in advance!

Predict spots trending content within news channels and social networks allowing advertisers to reach large relevant and interested audiences. Brand messaging is targeted directly into content topics people are engaging with most at any given moment.

Predicting intent is found to deliver higher click through rates and conversion rates.

Powerful when added to Grapeshot’s other targeting options:

  • Keyword targeting ensures your ads are be displayed next to the most relevant content, reaching consumers that are interested in similar or complementary subject matter.
  • Re-targeting users based on their browser history. For example, target users who have previously consumed business related online content. This is indicated by a list of keywords we upload into the grapeshot platform.